We are professional foam molding supplier offers all the services you need to custom your foam molding products. We help to guide you through the engineering steps of your project to the manufacturing, for both injection molded EVA foam and thermoforming EVA foam.

1. Foam molding consulting

If you are looking to benefit from foam molding processes but not familar with the foam industry, it will be a big trouble to consider the foam manufaturing possibility, shrink range, hardness, density, etc.

We are happy to provide free consulting to you, for any questions about injection molded EVA foam and thermoforming EVA foam.

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2. Custom foam material

We custom formulars 100% based on the applications. Our foam formuars are safe even to use in medical and kids products. It is waterproof, light weight, buoyancy, flexible, shockproof, soft and easy to clean.

We develop and produce foam formulations cover a wide range of hardness and density to manufature any type of foam moldings. And now, we are developing xtra light, antistatic and biodegradable formulars for special use.

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3. Foam products design

Since we have our own team that can work with design, we help customers to make design file based on prototype or manuscript, it is FREE after the establishment of our business relations.

For the clients who have their own design files already, we make them to optimize their designs of their molded foam products in line with our custom foam molding processes. We can modify original files in STP, STEP and IGS format with our Pro ENGINEER software.

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4. Professional foam tooling

The presice of a foam mould is the precondition of good foam molding products, cause foam molding is much more complicated than tranditional platic. Different density and hardness will have different mould constructions for EVA foam injection molding. For EVA compression molding, different product construction will have different mould vents array.

We have very rich experiences in making all kinds foam products from EVA injection molding and EVA compression molding, it gives advantage to make a more precise tooling based on the requirements of clients for they foam moldings.

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5. Free approval sample

After the mould for the custom foam molding products is ready, we will make jigs and test the mould to make sure nothing is no a problem. For the EVA injection molding, we will custom formulars to meet the color, hardness and density the clients need. And for the EVA compression molding, we will test the vents array to foaming the right shape of the products.

Once all the things are ok to meet the quality requirements, we will make few FREE samples for approval before the clients proceed the foam molding products maunufature.

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6. EVA molding production

The skilled technicists and workers is the basis of the qualified molding EVA foam products, it assures us better foam products and lower defective rates during foam molding.

We have enough machines to fisish the order quantities in time, and we are always happy to upgrade our capacity when our clients grew up to have more orders of their foam molding products.

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