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Are you looking for a manufaturer that can support your custom foam molding projects from the initial design to the production? Say hello to us and we can help you for both EVA foam injection molding and EVA foam compression molding.

What is EVA foam

EVA foam is a kind of eco-freindly material congregated by Ethylene and vinyl acetate, it is a suitable substitute for nature rubber, plastic, silicone, neoprene, PVC and polyurethane foam.

The EVA is self-skined closed cell foam with very good shock absorptions, it can apply texture to prevent it from scratch, the chemical resistance ability is very well, it is also light, waterproof and buoyancy. Benefit from it’s characteristics, it is widely used in almost all industries nowadays, like automotive, electronics, medical, packaging, sports,pets toy, leisure, footware, and so on.

EVA foam modling processes

EVA foam molding processes include EVA injection molding (injected EVA) and EVA compression molding (thermoforming EVA). EVA injection molding is shaping one time from EVA pellets, while EVA compression molding is second shaping from EVA sheets.

Both of the two foam molding method need to make molds (tools). EVA injection molds are more precise with better tightness, they can make more complicated construction products. While molds for thermoforming EVA are easier and usually for more simple parts.

Every parts and products from EVA foam molding. Custom injection and thermoforming services all for you.

About our company

Our company is located in Dongguan, China, with very convenient transportation for business, about 3 hours to Shenzhen sea port and 2 hours to Shenzhen air port.

For more than 10 years, we have been dedicated in foam moldings for both EVA foam injection modling and EVA foam compression molding. We provide all the consults and services that customers need in the process of making a new foam product, help customers from designing to manufaturing using our unique eva foam molding experiences and technology.

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Why our foam moldings

EVA foam molding manufacturing requires very specific knowledges, we have rich experiences in making custom formulars based on the applications. Our EVA foam covers a wide range of hardness and density to manufature any type of foam moldings.

North America and Europe is our main market, our formulars can pass all the neccessary tests there like FDA,REACH, ROSH, etc. We have very rich experiences for all the potential markets and we are always ready to help you find way out for foam moldings.

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Foam Molding News

you can get better understanding about foam molding by the articles from our news, hope it will have some help if you are looking for making a custom foam molding products or parts from both eva foam injection molding and eva foam thermoform molding.


Hardness of EVA foam and it’s usage

EVA foam is using as substitute of traditional plastic and silicone more and more often, in plastic products and parts due to it’s charactoristics. The most important factor is it’s harness, the harness of EVA foam varies from 10-90 shore C degree, it can meet different usage in most of the fields.

The processing of EVA foam

EVA foam is light and flexible foam used as substitute for wide range of materials in production. It is suitable substitute of tranditional rubber, silicone, neoprene, polyurethane, and other plastics. Generally speaking, the EVA foam processing is mainly include EVA foam die cutting, EVA foam compression thermoforming and EVA foam injection molding.

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