What is the hardness range of your foams?

The hardness of our foam can varies from shore 20C to shore 90C, it can meet different requirements for different industries.

What is the density your foams?

The density of our common formulars is 150kgs/m3-500kgs/m3, and now we developed xtra light formular to meet special use.

What is the biggest products can you make?

The limit of the sizes is based on the density, different densities will have different mold constructions, which limits the sizes that a mold can reach.

What is the cost to make a mold (tool)?

It is usually 2000-5000usd for a mold (tool), the bigger sizes the higher material costs, the more complicated of the construction, the higher processing costs.

What kind of file can you work with to make a mold (tool)?

We uses IGS, STP, STEP files, they are compatible to our software.

How long will it take to make a mold ( tool)?

It will be 20-25 days in off seasons, and 30-35 days in peak seasons..

How long will it to finish a order?

The time for a order is 20-30 days in off seasons, 35-40 days in peak seasons.

How can I get a prototype?

If you just want to check the constrution, we will help to make a 3D prototye by chemical wood. But if you want test the properties, you will need to pay a mold (tool) before getting prototype samples.

Do you provide samples before mass production?

We will test molds (tools) once they are finished, then we will make some pieces of free samples for your approval before mass production.